News about Nick Clegg’s book

Available in all good book shops next year.

Available in all good book shops next year.

For the last few months I have had the privilege of helping Nick Clegg to prepare his upcoming book (hence the sporadic nature of these blogs), which has been formally announced by the publisher today. Politics: The Art of the Possible in an Age of Unreason will be published next year on The Bodley Head, an arm of Penguin Random House. Their press release making the announcement is below.

Nick has been clear from the start that he didn’t want to write a long-winded political memoir or a salacious kiss and tell. This is a serious book that uses his experience at the top and bottom of British politics, and his time in government in particular, to grapple with a big question: why has politics become so volatile and unpredictable? From Cleggmania and Corbynmania to the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the unlikely has become the commonplace. From the SNP and UKIP at home to Syriza and Podemos abroad, populism and the politics of identity is on the rise. In Politics, Nick explores why that is and what the future holds, especially for those who believe in the politics of evidence, reason and compromise.



Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is writing a book entitled Politics: The Art of the Possible in an Age of Unreason for publication by The Bodley Head next year. Will Hammond (editorial director) acquired UK and Commonwealth rights on behalf of the imprint from Georgina Capel.

In Politics Nick Clegg examines the fluid and unpredictable state of politics, which has seen old certainties disappear, outsider figures become mainstream, and nationalism, populism and identity politics rise up at home and abroad. More so than any other political figure, Nick Clegg has seen the volatile state of modern politics up close and personally, from his spectacular rise to national prominence at the 2010 General Election to his tumultuous experience in Government and defeat in 2015. In Politics he will draw on stories and lessons from his time as Deputy Prime Minister during the coalition government of 2010 – 2015, and offer a glimpse behind the curtains at how power in Britain really works.

Nick Clegg described the book as a reflection on ‘how the politics of reason, evidence and compromise can survive at a time when grievance and unreasoned populism are on the march at home and abroad’ as well as ‘an examination of the state of British politics, told through candid stories and observations from my time at the top and the bottom of the political ladder’.

Will Hammond said: ‘Nick Clegg is uniquely well placed to describe the inner workings of Downing Street and Westminster while maintaining a dispassionate distance from our current government and opposition. More than an illuminating insider’s account, though, the book will use those experiences to explain why politics has changed so dramatically in recent years, what has been lost in the process and what might be done to address this lack. This book will be a must-read for anyone interested in British politics but will also speak to those who feel alienated by the political landscape today. There is every reason to believe that there are many of them.’

Note to Editors


The Bodley Head publishes influential and engaging works of non-fiction by some of the leading writers and thinkers of our time, addressing a huge range of subjects: smart thinking, science, reportage, history, maths, biography, music, natural history, current affairs and economics. Its authors include Lisa Randall and Misha Glenny, Simon Schama and Karen Armstrong, Wade Davis, Roger Penrose and Timothy Snyder.

Founded originally as an antiquarian bookseller in 1887, The Bodley Head went on to publish George Bernard Shaw, Graham Greene (who was a director), Muriel Spark, William Trevor and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In 1969 Bodley Head joined forces with Jonathan Cape and Chatto & Windus, who today remain sister imprints within the Vintage division. Recently, writers as diverse as Ai Weiwei, Yanis Varoufakis, Jill Abramson, Stephen Witt, Ian Mortimer, Robert Caro, Edith Hall, Lewis Dartnell and Cédric Villani have joined the list – united by their originality, by their expertise and by their gifts as communicators.


VINTAGE is one of the UK’s leading literary publishers. Part of Penguin Random House, the largest publishing company in the world, VINTAGE specialises in discovering leading thinkers and writers from around the globe. The publisher comprises of the following imprints: Jonathan Cape, The Bodley Head, Harvill Secker, Chatto & Windus, Hogarth, Yellow Jersey, Square Peg, Vintage and Vintage Classics.

Authors published by VINTAGE are the current holders of the Man Booker Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature. Household names on the list include Simon Schama, Nigella Lawson, Salman Rushdie, Haruki Murakami, Alice Munro and Toni Morrison.

2 thoughts on “News about Nick Clegg’s book

  1. Why has politics become so volatile and unpredictable? Sadly it wasn’t in 2015 where we got our comeuppance for the disastrous handling of the previous five years.


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